Amazon Great Indian Festival Quiz Answers (Win 6 months free shopping)

Here are Amazon Great Indian Festival Quiz Answers by which yoy can Answer and Win 6 months free shopping on 7th October 2018, So guys Give yourself a chance to win!!

Amazon Festival Quiz Answers

Q1. During the upcoming Great Indian Festival Sale on, which of these is NOT an offer you can avail?
Ans. Free ice cream with every purchase

Q2. Prime members get early access to Great Indian Festival deals
Ans. True

Q3. Now, you can also purchase a 1-month Prime membership. How much does this cost?
Ans. 129

Q4. Using SBI debit or credit cards, what is the instant discount you can avail on shopping during the Great Indian Festival?
Ans. 10%

Q5. When is Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale 2018 going live for all customers?
Ans. 10th October

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