How to Backup WordPress Website using Updraft Plus Plugin

Running a Website? Then You know how important the backup is. You know Backup saves you when your website face any issues like unfortunately if gets hacked or shutted down due to hosting issues. So Today we are sharing a best wordpress plugin for taking backup

How to create WordPress Backup using a Plugin

Hi, today I want you all to meet my very close friend. His name is Backup, yeah you heard it right B-A-C-K-U-P. Maybe he’s your friend too. A lot of people consider him useless that is why he’s sad.

In What Conditions Backup Can be Helpful

Let’s try to make him happy because he can make you very happy when you are in situations like …

  • Server Outages (Losing a few days work when restored, you don’t want that)
  •  Hacking (Blogs are very vulnerable to malware and virus)
  • Unreliable Backup services by your hosting company.
  • When $*it happens.

In this tutorial, we will be using the UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin available on the WordPress. It is an expert recommended plugin with more than 1 million installs with an almost perfect rating.

Let’s jump into the WordPress console and check how can we use it to save ourselves from the disaster.


Log in to your WordPress console. Your Dashboard looks like the picture below, correct.
Go to the plugins tab. Click on Add new and search “updraft plus


Now, in the search bar type in Updraft and it will automatically search it for you. You will get a screen like as shown below.


Click on the the Install Now button. Once it has installed click on Activate plugin to activate it.
Now it shows the Updraft plugin on your plugins list.


Click on settings under the UpdraftPlus Plugin.
Now if you directly click BACKUP NOW blue button it will make a backup on your web server, but there’s a recommended way and that is to back up to a remote source.
To make back up on a remote server Go to the Settings tab.


Now in the settings tab, you can set the file and database backup intervals. You can also choose as to how many backups you want to retain.
You can also choose your own customized time interval for automated backups but that requires a premium version.

Here in Video below, Explains how to take full backup using updraft plus wordpress plugin


Now scrolling down through the checkboxes comes the important part to choose your remote source. You can choose Google drive, Microsoft onedrive, FTP, Rackspace cloud files and others as shown below.
Choose your remote location and click Save changes and then you need to authenticate with your remove source.

Here Below Video Explains How to connect updraft plus plugin with cloud storage take website backup in Google Drive successfully.

After you have successfully authenticated your remote source it shows you details like Next schedule backup, Previous backup date and last log message(if any).

And see how our friend Mr.Backup is smiling with joy. Hehe

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If you are facing any problem related to taking backups and restoring, Feel free to comment below

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