How To Create a WordPress Website in 2019 [BeginnersGuide]

You may used to think sometimes How people create website and Earn money. So we are presenting brand new article on “How to Create a Website” and How to Earn money with website.

3 Years ago, I also used to think to open my own website, But the problem was i didn’t know a single thing about how to make a website.

So searched on Google, YouTube and other social media platforms regarding this. Finally after so much time investment i learned slowly “How to build a website” on internet. But I faced various problems during making my First Website.

That’s the reason behind writing this article by me Today. So Beginners will not face any difficulty and small mistakes while creating a website without hiring any developer.

But i Guarantee From here, You will learn to open a website in minutes!! without having any single Problem.

Before Going Deep into Topic i tell you what is a website and what are the things to consider before opening a website deeply

So You want to make a website, A website is a set of web pages which are located inside a single domain name. It means To create a web page or collection of Web pages You need a “domain name”.

How to select and buy a Domain Name?

The first question is How to select a domain name that works for you to get more traffic.?

I will not suggest you to directly buy a domain without thinking and considering the advantages/disadvantages of buying a domain.

If You have a Domain in your mind Then better to Directly buy it (It Ranks more than EMD’s if done SEO properly), Though For Peoples who wanna target specific keywords on their website I suggest below idea

Now Before Buying a domain name for your website, ask yourself some questions like- on Which Topic You are Going to post regularly on your site, What are the Related keywords to your Topic.

Make a list of those keywords in your notebook which came to your mind and also collect ideas from other sources such as social medias, YouTube, Pinterest, Google.

So You are Going to purchase a domain name which will be your brand name in Future and It will be yours for years! & You have to pay renewal charge every year for it, So How important step of selecting a Domain is you can Estimate the Value of selecting Best Domain.

What i actually wanna say to you is, From The list of synonyms of your domain you have collected, Choose a very relevant word/synonym for your website which you wanna Target and you think that is easy to remember.

What is Exact Matched Domain

These Type of Domain I call them to EMD(Exact Matched Domain), I have suggested this to you because they are easy to rank on Google than Non EMD Domains and people search that word directly, So Google Also Matches searched Keywords in domain, In this way It will helps You!!

Let me Show You an Example of EMD- If your keyword is about writing on “SEO services” then,, or are called EMD, These are the words people search in Google and Help you to rank your website better in Future.

One more Example I show you, if you search “Latest Gadgets Review” in google the searched #1 page shows you the websites containing the keyword You searched on Google.



You have got some idea How EMD will help you to Grow? So you have understand the power of choosing a Right Domain name before starting a website for your business or services.

Now what you are going to do after selecting perfect keywords for you domain mane? Keep Reading I tell you

How to Buy a Domain name

Now These websites such as Godaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap etc. are the most used websites to purchase domain so i Suggest anyone From these above.

However you can check one by one each of the above website which is serving you domain at Cheap price, You can Go there,

For Example if I selected a domain “” to Buy, so I Go to Godaddy website and search this keyword in their search bar, Mostly Godaddy Gives at cheapest price.

select best domain
select domain


After You see You domain is available in the screen, Then just add to cart that domain and further proceed to payment. You will receive all details in your email while signing up during purchasing a domain name.

May be Some Common Question arising in your mind while buying a domain ,like-

  • Should I type without www or or http:// or https:// during purchasing my domain?

The answer is no!!

  • Should I use Capital or Small Letters During buying my domain?

Absolutely No!!

  • How much price a domain cost to me?

Well This is the nice question, it costs you between 99 Rupees to 1000 Rupees. Depends on the keyword and if someone already registered that domain, Unluckily you will not be able to buy.

However the domain costs very cheap, you should not worry about domain cost.

You only have to type your keywords in the search bar, just like I have searched in above image.

So By doing These Steps You have successfully Purchased Your Dream Domain Name and No one can grab the domain like you selected.

So After You purchased your domain what would be the Next Step?

After buying domain the next step is to Good Hosting for storing data of your website.

How to Choose Best Hosting?

You can also see free hosting services on Internet claiming to host your website free of cost, But that is very bad idea to Host on Free Hosting Servers, Because They give you slow speed, Many shutdowns a day and even can delete all your data without your consultant.

Means there is not any Guarantee for your work that you done for your website by investing many hours a day, they can destroy all your work anytime, Also There are some more restrictions like Limited Hosting Space, Unwanted ads on your site etc.

However Google Blogspot hosting is much better if you have No Money for Hosting, Because it is more trusted, You will Get more security but it is more complex to manage, like plugins, SEO and custom scripts are very difficult to install in Google’s Blogspot Hosting. That’s why i am suggesting you to choose wordpress!!

Also Take a Look Below to know more difference between WordPress and Blogspot


blogger vs wordpress
Blogspot vs wordpress


There are other More huge disadvantages of using free Hosting services, So The Best ones are paid but a little bit more costlier, But I Guarantee After Purchasing a Good Hosing You will never face any problem from Hosting side + They give you like support services, much freedom to post and many other things.

Hosting plans are yearly or minimum of 3 months from Hostgator Hosting, Means You have to Purchase Hosting for directly 1 year from Hosting providers. Also Hostgator gives 3 Months pack too, But I will suggest you to buy 1 year Hosting plan from reputed companies also they Gives 30 days 100% money back Guarantee!!

So The Top Hosting Providers are Bluehost, Hostgator, Namecheap, SiteGround, iPage, Godaddy Hosting any many more Hosting you can find in Google, But the Best ones i mentioned here others you can see in image below.

How to Buy Hosting for my Website?

Bluehost is best and most costly even if You buy from Bluehost, they gives you free domain (any available extension domain which you want) with Hosting for 1 year (After Charges applies like in Godaddy).

So i prefer every Beginner to get cheaper Hosting from Namecheap or  Hostgator Hosting Plan.

After You go there, Depends on the needs you can purchase a plan and pay bill this will costs you according to the select tenure.

You may ask which Hosting Plan Should buy, For website Beginners I suggest To Buy starter plan for at-least 6 months package,

Because Ranking your website take sometime(more than 1 or 2 months). i.e there need much patience and Work For your website to be a successful blogger, You need Better Hosting to Grow Your Business.

However If you have decided to purchase starter plan or any Hosting plan which does not gives you SSL free, Then do not worry about SSL. Here also I Tell You How i get Free Cloudflare SSL Certificate to my website.

After you purchase Hosting plan. You need to connect your domain and Hosting, i.e You need to change the nameservers of your domain to Hosting, After That You can install wordpress in your website.

How to Install WordPress to Your Website?

Before installing wordpress you need to change Domain nameservers(DNS) of your purchased domain, So First of all here I tell you how to change domain Nameservers, After changing Nameservers Your domain will successfully Host on Your purchased Hosting.

#1. How to change Domain Nameservers

  • Login to your Account from where you have bought Domain and Go to my Account>My proucts and You will see your domain there, then click on manage option.

  • Now You have To keep Domain Lock OFF,

  • Then Click on Manage DNS and You will see Nameservers option there, Turn it to custom and save nameserrvers details from Hosting Account to here, just like i did in the images below.
  • After You click save button, wait 15-20 minutes and you will receive email from domain account regarding nameservers has been changed, Now you are ready to install WordPress in your website.

#2. Installing WordPress

  • You need to see video How I install wordpress on my website


  • Login to Your Hosting Account Panel and Go to File Manager.
  • Now Search “softaculous” there and click on wordpress.

  • Now Click on install and use following details in the options below

Choose Protocol– Select your site version which you wanna see in google like http:// or https:// or with www combination. Select http:// if you have not purchased SSL,

However i will also share post to get free SSL, just do the steps without any hesitation.

Choose Domain– Now here just select your purchased domain, just like image below i have done for my website

In Directory– Leave this blank (Important)

Site name– Any name or Keyword which you are focusing

Site description– Your site description


Admin username– Type your name simply or any name (it will be used to login to your wordpress panel later)

Password– Type a Good password, it will also require to login.

Admin Email– Type your email

Select Language– Select according to your need

Advance options– optional. You do not need to modify the values under “Advance Options”

Now click on Install, It takes not more than 10 seconds, Congrats!! Now you have created your website using wordpress successfully. Anyone can visit your website from now and it can be browsed from any country.

So what Next?

Login to WordPress Dashboard

You just need to login to your website’s panel by typing in the browser and login with your username and password which you have typed during wordpress installation

wordpress dashboard
wordpress dashboard

Once you log-in you will see your website dashboard, From here you can write new posts, Change themes, Modify look of your websites, Add menu, categories, Install plugins, Modify and reply comments and Everything which you wanna do with your website!

If You have any Question regarding your new website or feeling any problem while starting a new website just ask me in the comment below and I definitely reply to help you.

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