IGTV Instagram Competes with Youtube in 2019

As you saw the title I am here to talk to you about the battle i.e. IGTV(instagramTV) vs YouTube which we will observe in the upcoming year 2019


But first, let’s check what IGTV is all about and how it can compete YouTube.

So, IGTV or Instagram TV is an app by Instagram to create and upload videos with no 60-second time frame. Basically, they are widening their reach by increasing the video content limit on their standalone platform for videos.

According to Business insider reports users on YouTube view more than 500 million hours of video each day. Instagram is trying to grab a share of those hours with the help of IGTV.

Features Of InstagramTv (IGTV)

  • Video on a vertical frame (9:16 aspect ratio) i.e. full mobile experience.
  • More creator-focused than its previous competitors. (For ex Vine etc.)
  • Instagram has 1 billion users which will automatically shift to IGTV to watch video content.
  • People already having a huge following don’t need to set up again and start from 0.
  • Your Instagram followers automatically become your IGTV views.
  • Desktop uploads.
  • Now you can upload content through your PC or Mac too.
  • More engaging videos and feedback.

The drawback (till date)
While all those features sound compelling, there is one thing due to which YouTube will be preferred more than IGTV i.e. monetization. Till now there has been no news of such a feature being added to it from the Instagram people but some big content creators like Marquez Brownie says “I can be pretty sure they’re going to be doing some sort of monetization that will benefit creators” and like you, I am also looking forward to that.

According to a statement given to BBC Newsbeat by Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom videos on IGTV can be “more engaging and perhaps more emotional”.

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So, if you are a creator on YouTube or you want to start a channel on YouTube don’t miss out on IGTV,

because it’s the perfect place for new creators to begin and gain popularity, and if you already have great content on YouTube then share it with your Instagram followers too.

2019 will be a battle between YouTube and IGTV but I and you as creators are going to win ultimately because the competition is good for us. Go right now and create your IGTV channel and start your 2019 with a blast.
Have Fun.

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