NeilPatel UberSuggest Tool- How to Use it To Hack Keywords

Hey Guys there is Fantastic Free Ubersuggest SEO Tool created by neilpatel for everyone to help keyword research and find keyword difficulty and Keyword suggestions.

Do you want more traffic in your website? So This tool is for you only!!

Unlike other websites like SEMRUSH, Aherf and Moz, You can use ubersuggest tool for free unlimited times and find keyword ideas for writing posts which will definitely help you to get more Traffic, So Let’s Go to the Neilpatel UberSuggest tool

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What is Ubersuggest Tool?

Whether it is for SEO or PPC, you’ll get an overview on everything. From volume, to seasonality, to cost per click data, Ubersuggest keyword tool will show you everything for free.

To use This Tool Go to- NeilPatel Ubersuggest Tool

What Data it will Show You?

  1. Keyword Suggestions.
  2. Keyword difficulty.
  3. Competitors for any keyword.

Keyword Suggestions

keyword research
keyword research

For any keyword which you want  to Rank for, No matter how difficult is to rank it, This tool gives you the other keyword related ideas like long-tail keywords and other related keywords which could be more easy to rank for.

Above i Checked keyword ideas for keyword “SEO”

You’ll also see volume, the competition, and even seasonal trends for each keyword. Also Negative Keywords section shows you bad keywords for SEO which should not be used for SEO Purpose.

Keyword Difficulty

Some Keywords are easy to Rank for and Some are not impossible but Hard to Rank, requires more planning and SEO.

Ubersuggest tool also shoes you how expensive a keyword is? Or how hard it’s going to be to rank organically?

Competitive Analysis

Who is ranking for specific keywords organically? Or who is spending money on pay-per-click? The competitive overview section will list out all of your competitors and even show you their ad copy.

This data will also help you determine if it is worth targeting a specific keyword. If all your competition is bidding on specific phrases, it means that you should consider going after the keyword.

So Guys Here is Free Tool Which Provides all the above analytics like keyword ideas, Competitors, and other important things  free for SEO, I suggest you to Use this tool, because it is better than paid tools like SemRush, Aherfs etc. for peoples like me who haven’t enough money to buy premium SEO tools.

Thanks to NeilPatel for Helping people and our wishes are always with you!!



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