Site Kit Plugin for WordPress by Google

Get all your website statistics, analytics, adsense earnings and other insights in a single screen for your wordpress website by just installing Site kit plugin. Become a beta user and get early access before it launch, However  Why Google site kit plugin is useful?

Google integrated four Google tools and products to help grow, optimize and monetize WordPress sites:

  • Search Console: Learn how users discover your content on Google Search.
  • Analytics: Understand how users navigate your site.
  • AdSense: Set up AdSense and monitor your earnings.
  • PageSpeed Insights: Identify critical performance optimizations for your site
google site kit
google site kit

So basically it’s a pack of 4 Google services bundled into a single plugin and also shows all the reports in your WordPress dashboard itself. So you don’t need to open each account separately, All information will be in your wordpress dashboard.

  • Currently this plugin is not launched for all users, but in its beta testing stage, You can register here and get early access to use it now for your website- Become a Site kit plugin beta tester
  • It may launch in early 2019, but not confirmed
  • This plugin will help you to improve your website user engagements, website ranking, so increase your earnings and much more..

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